Fiontar Graduate Profile - Sadhbh Bhreathnach

Sadhbh Bhreathnach Job: Head of Marketing and Development at opzioni binarie strategia straddle Stillwater Communications
señales opciones binarias Education: BA (Int) Irish and Geography, 2000
köpa viagra forum MSc i nGnó & Teicneolaíocht an Eolais (2001) with Fiontar DCU
After college, I knew I wanted to get into business of some sort, particularly something creative. Marketing was just a more colourful side of business for me. 
I took a job in Finance and Customer Services in L’Oreal to get my foot in the door because I knew that there would be some amount of marketing involved. I spent around six years in that company, working my way up to Product Manager. I heard through the grapevine that the director of Stillwater was finding it difficult to get someone with good marketing experience who spoke Irish. I ended up getting in contact with him and within a fortnight, they’d offered me a position. The opportunity to use Irish in Stillwater was definitely something that persuaded me to take this job because I’ve always wanted to be able to incorporate Irish into my work life.

There are two sides to what I do. I spend half my time working with clients, particularly the Irish language ones, in my areas of experience; branding, logo design, communication consultancy and PR. The other half of my job involves treating Stillwater as a client by working on the development of the company.
Oireachtas na Gaeilge is a big client of ours. One of our main projects with them was working on the branding, image and publicity of Oireachtas na Samhna. Then I spent the whole week at the festival, and just seeing the whole thing come together and all the publicity we managed to get them, particularly in the English press was a particular sense of achievement.
There are a lot more opportunities now than there were in this sector. People really see it as a great business and marketing tool. We’re not just doing work in the Irish language because it’s all we can get. Or clients include the likes of Microsoft, Diageo, Irish Rail, Bus Éireann and other top businesses out there but Irish is a huge part of Stillwater’s business and it’s growing all the time.